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Sustainable Plantation Management Services

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    Agarwood Oud Oil Oud oil from Plantations International agarwood or gaharu has become an extremely fashionable ingredient during the last years. The East and the South have always been sources for exotic and often absolutely necessary ingredients for perfumes that are typically made in the West. However, agarwood has never received such popularity among western audiences in the perfume industry as in the past decade. The mass recognition for this ingredient (and I address the word “mass” to niche houses and exclusive lines) started at the beginning of the new millennium, and it seems to still roll on. A Oud oil from agarwood […]

    The post Why is Plantations International Agarwood Oud Oil so popular? appeared first on Plantations International.

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    Agarwood Investment Agarwood is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world. There are many names for the resinous, fragrant heartwood produced primarily by trees in the genus Aquilaria. Most commonly, the resin is known as agarwood, aloeswood, eaglewood, gaharu, agalocha or oudh (In Arabic). Agarwood has been used to make high quality incense since centuries. The Chinese describe its smell as “a sweet, deep but balanced fragrance” and use it in religious and festive celebrations, and so do Arabian, Indian and Japanese people. Agarwood is also part of many traditional pharmacopoeias, dating back to medieval times and Chinese […]

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    Russian Fruit and Vegetable Ban The most recent Russian ban on fruit and vegetable imports from Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina are putting growers in a dire situation. Despite the ban only being in place for the last few days, producers are already struggling to keep their heads above water. This is especially true for the country’s largest producers. According to the Plantations International research team the domestic market is saturated, as refrigerators and available packaging is rapidly filling up, with no where for the products to go. Emergency exports to neighbouring countries are also not an option because […]

    The post New Russian Ban Spells Big Troubles for Fruit and Vegetable Growers appeared first on Plantations International.

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    Agarwood / Gaharu oil from the Aquilaria tree was observed to possess anti-cancer activity towards MCF-7 breast cancer cells. The findings offer evidence to further support the traditional uses of AEO to treat inflammatory related diseases. Analysis of Agarwood oil against MCF-7 (breast cancer cells). oil concentration at 44 μg/ml was able to inhibit 50% of control cell growth. Agarwood has been long used as herbal medicine  for analgesic, antipyretic and aid in digestive system  in Eastern ancient cultures. Agarwood is mainly found in South East Asian countries. Endowed by the climate and other advantageous conditions, Indonesia Agarwood’s  quality is highly valued […]

    The post Agarwood oil from the Aquilaria tree possess anti-cancer activity appeared first on Plantations International.

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    New Zealand Avocados Demand for avocados has not lessened through the winter and consumers will be looking forward to the New Zealand crop. The harvest is just about to start and grower and packer, Seeka Industries will pack its first avocados this weekend. “We expect a very large crop in volume terms with good sized fruit. It is looking like it will be a bumper crop for New Zealand. The industry as a whole will export 5.2 million trays this season, well up on previous years,” explains Annmarie Lee, Brand & Marketing Manager at Seeka. Seeka will pack around 10% of that […]

    The post New Zealand Avocado Crops Better Than Expected appeared first on Plantations International.

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    With today’s public policy focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Plantations International is helping farmers play a key role in making this happen. In fact, by optimizing the nitrogen fertilizer, a farmer’s contribution can come with the side benefit of increased yield and higher profit. As with every industry, farming contributes to the production of various greenhouse gases. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that agriculture is responsible for a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions, which primarily come from the nitrous oxide produced as soil microbes digest the available nitrogen source. Nitrous oxide is listed among the most potent of […]

    The post Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Nitrogen appeared first on Plantations International.

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    There are some fragrances that are so old, that have been used with so many prayers in so many rituals and are so deeply entwined with the human psyche that people claim they have smelled them before, even though they have not. The woody cinnamon-sweet aroma of agarwood (Aquillaria agallocha) is one of those mysterious fragrances. One of agarwood’s first mysteries is how it appears. Not every agarwood tree growing in Assam, Burma or other mountainous countries of Southeast Asia produces the treasured black resin that delights the minds and intoxicates the senses. First, the bark of the tree must be […]

    The post The Mystery of Agarwood Oud Oil appeared first on Plantations International.

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    The lime is best know for its role in key lime pie and margaritas, but did you know it possesses remarkable healing properties as well? Plantations International estimates that billions of dollars are poured into research and development for pharmaceutical drugs, the humble lime has been proven to mitigate and even cure diseases that cause millions to suffer and hundreds of thousands to die each year worldwide. An impressive array of research on lime juice from the National Library of Medicine indicates that it could either cure or greatly accelerate healing time from a variety of life-threatening illnesses including: The Healing […]

    The post How Lime Juice Saves Millions of Lives Each Year appeared first on Plantations International.

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    Oud oil distilled from Agarwood comes from from the Aquilaria tree that is native to south east asia. Agarwood is by far the worlds most expensive wood. The first time Mike Perez wore dehn al-oud — an essential oil distilled from the agarwood resin of Asian Aquilaria trees — he was so appalled by the smell that he hid inside his home. “I put on way too much, and frankly, it smelled like animal butt,” says Perez, a 42-year-old manager for Barclay’s Real Estate Group in Miami. Fragrances reveal their true nature as they evaporate on the skin, Bloomberg Pursuits magazine will […]

    The post Higher Price as Men Crave Rare Oud Oil from Agarwood appeared first on Plantations International.

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    For real estate investing, there are laws, procedures, theories and probabilities to contend with, but the human element is also a concept that must be factored in, just as important. However, there’s one line of thinking that virtually, all investors would probably agree on, that investing in undeveloped farm land or “Strategic farm land Investment” as we like to call it, is one of the safest real estate investment vehicles there is, as long as you invest at the right place, at the right time, and for the right price. For hundreds of years around the globe, vast fortunes have been […]

    The post How Does Plantations International Invest in Farm Land appeared first on Plantations International.

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    Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) has made its way into our lives and businesses. According to the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), technology is about more than better and faster, it’s also about sustainability. For farmers and ranchers, this translates into how food is grown and raised and the role technology is playing on the farm. Farmers around the world are using Sustainable Smart Farming Technology such as moisture sensors, drones, smart irrigation, terrain contour mapping, self-driving and GPS enabled tractors – to produce food more sustainably. According to the Future of Agriculture in The Economist, farms are being […]

    The post Sustainable Smart Farming Technology appeared first on Plantations International.

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    Agarwood Oud Oil Legend has it that Agarwood, also known as the ‘Wood of God’ was the only thing Adam & Eve where permitted tree to take from the Garden of Eden when they where kicked out, Agarwood is the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree and has been used across the globe for extracting its therapeutic essential oud oil and mesmerizing fragrance ranges. Hitting the heaven’ is the kind of feeling one can get at breathing in the aromatic aura of Agarwood oud oil. Held high as the most captivating fragrance for progressing towards a divine journey, Agarwood and its […]

    The post The Medicinal Powers of Agarwood Oud Oil appeared first on Plantations International.

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  • 03/29/17--05:02: What is Agarwood
  • Agarwood or Gaharu as it is known in many Asian countries is a resinous heartwood that sometimes occurs in trees belonging to the genus Aquilaria  (Thymelaeceae family). Aquilaria is a fast-growing, archaic subtropical forest tree, with a population range stretching from South Asia’s Himalayan foothills, throughout Southeast Asia, and into the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. It grows at elevations from a few meters above sea level to about 1000 meters, with approx. 500 meters being most ideal. Aquilaria can grow on a wide range of soils, including poor sandy soil. Seedlings require a great deal of shade and water but […]

    The post What is Agarwood appeared first on Plantations International.

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  • 03/29/17--20:28: A Closer Look at Agarwood
  • A closer look at Agarwood the ‘Wood of God’ If there are any commodities in Asia with extremely high value commercially, culturally and religiously, Agarwood would have been among the top ten list. Traded heavily in the continent for centuries from the Middle eastern countries to the Buddhist cultured countries, the special wood is undoubtedly one of the most precious wood in the world, surrounded by heavy myths and strong historical precedences. Often in Feng Shui, we hear about the mystical benefit of Agarwood. But what really is so special about this wood, and what can it benefit us from Feng […]

    The post A Closer Look at Agarwood appeared first on Plantations International.

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    The surging demand for incense has seen the price of Plantations International Agarwood, its main ingredient, hit an all time high. Farmers near Hong Kong are being encouraged to plant more trees, but so far, only a few seem to be in it for the long haul. Across Asia, people prefer the natural scent of incense than more modern items like air fresheners or sprays. Seen burning in temples all across the continent, the unique aroma is created when a fungus infects aqularia trees, resulting in a darkening of the wood, which is called agarwood. Joey Yuen runs an incense store […]

    The post Demand for Agarwood skyrocketing prices appeared first on Plantations International.

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    Would you believe that an essential oud oil obtained from infected wood commands a higher price than gold? It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But that’s the story with Agarwood oud oil, or Oud as it is known in the Middle East. Agarwood is the resinous heartwood formed in infected trees of the evergreen Aquilaria and Gyrinops tree families, native to southeast Asia. This precious wood and its oud oil have a deep spiritual history and significance, and they are mentioned in the oldest spiritual texts – the Sahih Muslim, the Charaka Samhita, the Torah, the Bhagavad Gita, the Sushruta Samhita, Islamic […]

    The post 19 Benefits and Uses for Agarwood Oud Oil appeared first on Plantations International.

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    Agarwood Extraction Workshop The team from Plantations International attended a Agarwood Extraction workshop that was held by the All Sanchi Agarwood Growers Association of Assam (ASGAA) held on June 5 to 7 at Moayimti village for the youth of the area. During the three-day workshop, ASGAA team also observed World Environment Day and planted 100 Agarwood saplings in public places and roadside of the village, informed a press release received here. The first Agarwood grower from Moayimti village, Tsuknungmangyang was also felicitated with a certificate by ASGAA on the same day. Villagers participated in the observance, where Chairman Imkongtizuk and Village Headman […]

    The post Agarwood extraction workshop in Assam India appeared first on Plantations International.

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    Jakarta, Indonesia, June 13, 2017  -​ Plantations International is very pleased to announce that, through its fully owned Indonesian subsidiary PT Gaharu Kapita Indonesia, it is currently opening its third Indonesian office in the new “Office 88” office building, which is part of the prestigious Kota Kasablanka shopping mall and entertainment complex. According to Plantations International’s Asia-Pacific sales director, Mr. Ryan Hannigan, the company has secured a long-term lease on over 350 square meters of prime office space on the 22nd floor of the Office 88 building, and the new office has floor-to-ceiling windows and the most amazing views over the […]

    The post Plantations International Opens Third Office in Indonesia appeared first on Plantations International.

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    Plantations International, through its local Indonesian subsidiary PT Gaharu Kapita Indonesia, has just opened its brand-new Agarwood visitors centre on its state-of-the-art agarwood plantation Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The visitor centre will act as the starting point for plantation inspection visits for Plantations International clients visiting from Singapore, Australia as well as all parts of Indonesia. When not being used by clients, the visitors centre will act as an educational facility for local farmers who desire to learn the latest Agarwood planting and cultivation techniques. Agarwood — or Gaharu, as it is known in many Asian countries — is a resinous heartwood that […]

    The post Agarwood Visitors Centre in Yogyakarta appeared first on Plantations International.

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    Agarwood trees – or Aquilaria Malaccensis – are being logged by the tens of thousands in Malaysian jungles, mostly by foreigners because of the valuable agarwood, known locally as gaharu. One kilogramme of agarwood can fetch between RM4,000 and RM20,000 and its woodchips – which are turned into essential oils used in perfume and incense – fuel a RM26bil global trade every year. The rareness and value of agarwood oil has led traders to call it “liquid gold” and has sparked many to either grow or log Agarwood trees for profit. Tan is worried about the agarwood going extinct. This gold […]

    The post Agarwood Producing Trees in Malaysia are in Danger appeared first on Plantations International.

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